How i shoot

Interested in booking a session, this is everything you need to know...

You don't have to have the cleanest house, be immaculately dressed or even worry about making your kids 'perform.' I'm into documenting real moments in all their beauty and chaos.

I like to take a story telling approach when it comes to photographing your family. Sure we will get those few posed photos for your parents to put in frames but more than posed images, I just want real. I don't care if your kids are losing it because you said no to one more biscuit and I don't care if your sink is full of dishes. I want to document your normal and your everyday (groundhog or not) so that you can have a beautiful record of this season of your life.

I know it's cliche, but they grow up so quickly hey?! Let's help you remember them in all their curiosity, mischief & wonder!